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Totally Biased Movie Reviews

Unapologetic Squee and Snark from an Academic Fan-Girl

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movie reviews with squee and snark
Over the years, I've watched a lot of movies, to the point where friends asked me to set up a site where they could read my reviews of things I've loved, things I've loathed and the pathetic things I've switched off before they even finished. I'm a cultural historian, so I bring a little bit of the arm-chair academic to some of the things I write about. But, most of all, I'm an absolutely unapologetic fan-girl and proud of it. I was raised on Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola, Lean and Curtiz. Most of (if not all of) my favourite movies pre-date the 1990s. I swoon over certain actors, I sigh with pleasure at a good soundtrack, I gnash my teeth at bad editing, and I drive myself crazy trying to place character actors I've seen in other movies.

Bring me film trivia, bring me movie lore, and bring on the comments, but don't expect an objective opinion about the flicks I review. This is the place for praise, love, gush and sarcasm... and not necessarily in that order.